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Lorna Adams

Lorna Adams

Connection to Spirit & the Afterlife

  • Psychic
  • Afterlife Communicator
  • Questions regarding career, relationships, love, finances
Debra L. Campbell

Debra L. Campbell

Psychic, Crystals, Tarot basics, Energy Healing, Mediumship

  • Quantum Spirituality
  • Debra is on the cutting edge of metaphysics merging ancient teaching with Quantum Mechanics.
  • Debra's Enlightened Insights The Spiritual Meaning of the Asian Tsunami
Anthony Carr

Anthony Carr

What Do Our Palms Tell Us?

  • A Question of Fate: In Our Hands or the Almighty's?
  • Palm Reading of the Famous and Infamous
  • Prophecy
Robert Channing

Robert Channing

Robert Channing’s E.S.P. show is amazing, riveting and clean - with a perfect blend of comedy

  • Robert Channing’s amazing ESP Show is sure to leave your audience amazed and thoroughly entertained.
  • Amazing ESP - Mentalist Show
  • Mind Power & Power Goals
William Constantine, Ordained Minister

William Constantine, Ordained Minister

Revolutionary New Thought Leader: There's a New Thought Leader in Town!

  • No, No, No, Know: The Re-Conditioning Program: Personal Empowerment
  • The Other Universal Laws: Human Potential
  • Re-Energize in the Workplace: New Thought
Linda M. Georgian

Linda M. Georgian

Nationally-known psychic: Celebrity Psychic

  • Create Your Own Future
  • Your Guardian Angels: Use The Power of Angelic Messengers To Enrich & Empower Your Life
  • Create Your Own Future: A Practical Guide To Developing Your Psychic & Spiritual Powers
Troy Griffin

Troy Griffin

Troy Griffin captures, ignites, motivates & inspires audiences...

  • You can believe & be psychic
  • Hungry for Success
  • Empathic psychics: empaths, possess the ability to experience... feeling
Maria Haswell

Maria Haswell

Maria Haswell - Psychic Medium / Reiki Master / Spiritual Counselor / Tarot

  • Medium: She is a spiritual medium, and can help you get messages from your loved ones on the other side
  • Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional bodies.
  • Osho Zen Tarot: The cards speak to you with such beauty and peace and really are able to get beneath the surface of the question for a very insightful reading.
Steven Jae (Rusty) Johnson

Steven Jae (Rusty) Johnson

My Afterlife Wife

  • Lead singer in bands from classic rock to jazz: Walk, Don't Run
  • Looking for the meaning of life's purpose & contemplating the great beyond
Craig Karges

Craig Karges

Craig Karges' performance is an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition.

  • The Intuitive Edge - Unlocking the Power Within!
  • Uncanny demonstrations of extraordinary phenomena
  • Ignite Your Intuition

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