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Sati Achath

Sati Achath

Sati is sure to trigger a non-stop explosion of laughter in your audience

  • You too Can Develop the 12 Qualities of Highly Successful People!
  • Hand Shadow Master: Creates more than 100 incredible hand shadow images, including personalities, just with his bare hands!
  • Sati as a ventriloquist and with his multi-talented skills, is thus sure to trigger a non-stop explosion of laughter in your audience.
Tony Borders

Tony Borders

Visual variety of magic, puppets, and ventriloquism

  • Adults appreciate the lessons that go hand in hand with the laughter they hear from children of all ages!
  • Each show gives children variety and lessons for life!
  • Bible Based Programs also available
Ken Karter

Ken Karter

Works with dummies. Literally! Fantastic blend of Comedy

  • Ventriloquist: Comedian
  • Fun and laughter with Ken's wonderful cast of characters.
  • Ventriloquist, Funny Dummy Stuff
Steven Paul Knight

Steven Paul Knight

Steve Knight's Nifty Puppets: Laugh, Love, Success

  • Humor as a weapon in stress release: Hilarious Entertainment
  • Living on
  • Make a dfference with a disablity: Disabilities Overcome
Scott Land

Scott Land

Marionette Puppet Shows for all Events: The goal of the Scott Land is to entertain your audiences with quality marionettes; well rehearsed routines & professionalism

  • Variety on Strings: World of puppetry
  • Capture the attention of critics, craftsmen and artist alike with marionettes
Rob LeMaster

Rob LeMaster

It’s udder hilarity when ventriloquist Rob Lemaster as Farmer Earl shows fairgoers the funny side of farming with a cast of characters that is outstanding in their field.

  • Ventriloquist Rob Lemaster as Farmer Earl
  • With Farmer Earl and Myrtle the dairy cow, Charlie the crazy chicken, Daryl the farm hand and Milton the milk carton
  • Sidesplitting performances will take place daily at the Children’s Stage.

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