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Per Ariansen

Per Ariansen

Questions of responsibility to future generations

  • Environmental philosophy
  • The moral standing of non-humans
  • Philosophical Reflections
Robert U. Ayres, Ph.D.

Robert U. Ayres, Ph.D.

Envi­ron­mental Economics, to Eco-restructuring.

  • Indus­trial Metabolisms and Industrial Ecology
  • Economic Assumption in Need of Renovation
  • Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Thomas W. Barwin

Thomas W. Barwin

He is credited with reviving a declining inner ring suburb to a vibrant community with above average increases in property values, a bustling downtown and increasing recreational, cultural and entertainment activities for residents and visitors alike.

  • Futurist / Forecaster
  • He helped craft a new public policy agenda for older suburbs titled Valuing America’s First Suburbs.
  • Transforming the aging, inner-ring suburb into what many now call Fashionable.
Daniel P. Beard

Daniel P. Beard

Government - Bureau of Reclamation

  • Urban renewal planning
  • Environmental policy study
Jim Bell

Jim Bell

Ecology: We can create social, intellectual and material wealth

  • Eco-nomic Sustainability & Improving Your Bottom Line
  • Creating Sustainable Economies
  • Toward a Sustainable Future, The Roles of Society
Willy Bierter, Ph.D.

Willy Bierter, Ph.D.

Conceptualizing and implementing innovation strategies, managing complex innovation projects, (eco)design of systems, processes

  • Independent scientist in the fields of economics, environ-ment, energy, technology and work
  • Environmental science
  • Climate, Environment and Energy
Karlyn Grace Black, Ph.D.

Karlyn Grace Black, Ph.D.

There are few things more valuable than the Power to Communicate

  • The politically challenging and emotionally charged environmental arena.
  • Particulate Matter Air Quality Specialist
  • Environmental Health and Safety
Garth W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Garth W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Encourage rural economic development, improve ranch and farm income, and reduce green house gas emissions.

  • Centralized System for Gasification
  • Environmental Technology
  • Garth works with agribusiness and food companies on carbon strategy, carbon assessment, carbon life cycle analysis of products and carbon asset development from qualifying projects
John Bruton, T.D. (Former Prime Minister of Ireland

John Bruton, T.D. (Former Prime Minister of Ireland

Former Prime Minister and Finance Minster of Ireland

  • Business expanding into Europe
  • Constitution for the European Union
  • Irish Economy
Ernest Callenbach, Ph.D.

Ernest Callenbach, Ph.D.

Bring Back the Buffalo!: A Sustainable Future for America's Great Plains

  • Environment
  • Ecomanagement: The Elmwood Guide to Ecological Auditing Sustainable Business
  • Ecotopia

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