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Stephen L. Arrington

Stephen L. Arrington

Steve uses adventure to challenge youths to pursue life enhancing goals

  • Challenge youths to pursue life enhancing goals that can only be achieved through right choices & a commitment to excellence
  • Steve led the most extensive great white shark research project ever launched.
  • Extreme: On Living in the Intensity of the Moment
Richard D. Carson

Richard D. Carson

A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way

  • The Art of Guiding Graceful Change
  • Substance abuse specialists
  • The Gremlin Taming
Court Jesters

Court Jesters

Basketball: Court Jesters / The King of Comedy Basketball

  • Jesters are a group of highly talented former college & professional basketball players with great showmanship skills!
  • Raising money for your community
  • The Jesters will come to your community and play against a team that you put together.
Diane Dean-Epps

Diane Dean-Epps

Maternal Meanderings

  • Staying Motivated When You're A Motivator
  • Positive Schmositiv - Why Does It Matter?
  • I’ll always be there for you …Unless I’m Somewhere Else: Humor
Kenneth W. England, M.S., M.F.T.

Kenneth W. England, M.S., M.F.T.

Kenneth England on drug & alcohol addiction

  • Support, treatment options & ways to find recovery from alcohol & drug addiction
  • Kenneth pinpoints modern & current issues of concern
  • Kenneth illustrates alcohol & drug use escalated from experimentation to full-blown addiction
Joe Henley

Joe Henley

Drama: actor

  • Actor: Drama
  • Host
  • How to avoid, prevent drug problems in the family
Seth Jaffe

Seth Jaffe

Expert on addiction, recovery & intervention

  • Substance abuse in the workplace / college & what to do about it
  • Substance Abuse / Addiction is flooding our Homes, Schools and Workplace
  • Wasting the Best and the Brightest: College & Substance Abuse
Stephen Lee Neal, A.E.E.S.

Stephen Lee Neal, A.E.E.S.

What is the Origin of Addiction?

  • There is a secret to conquering your addiction
  • The Intellectual Addict
  • Defeating the Madness of Addiction
Katy Ann Songster

Katy Ann Songster

Stand Tall: Living with the disease of addiction

  • Drug & Alcohol awareness
  • Addiction along with self mutilation, stealing, loss of morals & suicide attempts
  • Being Forgiven
James B. Thompson

James B. Thompson

5 Step Game Plan for Staying Away from Drugs and Alcohol.

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Awareness
  • Mental Preparation

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