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David Bach

David Bach

David Bach is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people learn about money.

  • Smart Couples Finish Rich
  • Smart Women Finish Rich
  • The Automatic Millionaire
Peter G. Bielagus

Peter G. Bielagus

Making Finance Fun: How To Get America Excited About The World's Most Boring Subject™

  • How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today™ : A College Personal Finance Boot Camp™
  • Cash In On Your Passion: So You Can Land The Job Of Your Dreams™
  • Money Management For Greeks: Your Personal Finances and Your Chapter Finances
John D. Bledsoe, Ph.D, CFP, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, AEP

John D. Bledsoe, Ph.D, CFP, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, AEP

One Turn Away - Discovering Your Success Combination: Scholar of the Dollar

  • Have Clients Come to You: Become a Prospecting Machine
  • Find and Attract the Millionaire Next Door
  • Qualify for Court or Top of the Table
Charles B. Cosse'

Charles B. Cosse'

Source for diligent research and analysis that drive results intended to maximize investment outcomes.

  • Every firm on Wall Street can tell you when to buy, Cossé takes pride in the art and discipline of recommending when to sell
  • Course of action to take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Total picture in all matters that involve the financial health of you and your family.
Peter P. Costa

Peter P. Costa

Peter P. Costa: Market Analyst - Governor with the New York Stock Exchange

  • Understanding the volatile markets & how to profit
  • Providing valuable insights into volatility of the capital markets
  • CNBC Market Analyst
Mike Egan, MBA, CFP ®, CIMA ®,

Mike Egan, MBA, CFP ®, CIMA ®,

Ensure Your Income is Retirement Plan Ready: Can you count on receiving Social Security?

  • How do the Federal Reserve’s actions impact planning for retirement?
  • Unleash the power within to build a stronger financial future.
  • Understand the truths that rule your finances & manage them more effectively
James W. Gottfurcht, Ph.D.

James W. Gottfurcht, Ph.D.

The Doctor of Money Psychology

  • The inner game of money
  • He helps you increase financial success and overcome irrational, self-defeating behavior
  • Specializes in financial issues, communication, relationships, stress management and peak performance
Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield: Extremely dynamic & conservative, who rocks the house with insight.

  • American Leadership in the 21st Century
  • The American Way: Don't Lose It!
  • Allies Lead for Freedom
James D. Jones

James D. Jones

Educated more than 1,750 bankers and mortgage bankers on strategic planning

  • Helps you understand that planning is key to surviving in today's market
  • Strategic and collaborative: Focused on mortgage, home equity, consumer and commercial lending of financial services institutions
Linda Gabbert Keith, CPA

Linda Gabbert Keith, CPA

With each loan request, you have the opportunity to capture, retain or lose a valuable lending relationship. Let me help you say yes to good loans

  • Tax - Planning Strategies, Good Business, Good Loans
  • Cashflow Analysis of Tax Returns
  • Understanding Financial Statements

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