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Gordon L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Gordon L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Futurist / Forecaster

  • Social Philosophy
  • Thinking about the basic principles of the American nation
  • Western family continues its 20th century trajectory of decline
Walter Truett Anderson, Ph.D.

Walter Truett Anderson, Ph.D.

Politics - Political Science

  • Global governance
  • To govern Evolution
  • Futurist / Forecaster
Joaquin L. Antuna

Joaquin L. Antuna

Peace and Cooperation is a non-governmental organization that promotes a movement of non-violence and creativity to build a world of solidarity.

  • Human rights, development
  • Global peace education
  • A pioneer in development and education for peace
Johanan Bein

Johanan Bein

Ambassador to the United Nations

  • Israel: Past & Present
  • Palestinian History from Goliath to Arafat
  • The Middle-East Peace Process: The Risks and the Prospects
Clint Borgen

Clint Borgen

One of the World's Most Innovative and Influential Humanitarians Shares His Insight on Leadership, Technology and Engagement

  • How to Start a Movement to End Poverty
  • The ROI of Corporate Do-Gooding
  • Technology Lessons from the Global Uprisings
Roman S. Brackman, Ph.D.

Roman S. Brackman, Ph.D.

Politics - International

  • American policy in the Arab-Israeli conflict from Carter to Bush
  • Soviet-Russian role in Arab-Israeli wars
  • Russian Jews in Russian history and foreign policy
Keo Capestany

Keo Capestany

The sting of a broken system

  • Between Language: Human Attitudes Toward Foreign-Sounding People
  • Waving the Mother Tongue: An Introduction to the Official English Controversy
  • TNT - Terrific Negotiations Tactics: How to Achieve Instant Influence
Lawrence Chimerine, Ph.D.

Lawrence Chimerine, Ph.D.

The impact of economic conditions on decision making, budgeting, and strategic planning

  • Opportunities in Today's Economic Environment: Your Organization, How to Take Advantage of Them, Global Competitors
  • New Business Realities: Economic Growth, Disinflation, Competition, Key Planning Priorities
  • Policy Issues for the Millenium: Health Care, Tax, Trade, Industrial, Regulation
Sam Cole

Sam Cole

Models of Doom: A Critique of the Limits to Growth

  • World Futures - The Great Debate
  • Methods of futures studies with Millennium Project
  • Disaster Management
Geoff Colvin, M.B.A.

Geoff Colvin, M.B.A.

The Political Circus, a Complex Economy & the Future of Your Business

  • Leading Ahead of What’s Next: Successfully navigating the tumult is every leader’s great challenge today
  • What the World’s Best Companies Know: Are Doing Right Now
  • Talent Is Overrated – Real Truths of Great Performance

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