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Gary Berntsen

Gary Berntsen

A riveting look at the world of espionage and counterterrorism.

  • Human Intelligence and Counterterrorism
  • A unique view of global conflict
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis
Murray L. Cohen, Ph.D.

Murray L. Cohen, Ph.D.

Prevention of occupationally transmitted infections, including bacterial diseases (anthrax, tuberculosis) and bloodborne viruses (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, ebola).

  • Businesses wishing to protect their employees, customers, and shareholders from today's new risks.
  • Homeland Security for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • Economic Espionage & Intelligence Issues for Corporations
Jerrold D. Green, Ph.D.

Jerrold D. Green, Ph.D.

Middle East Public Policy

  • American Middle East Policy
  • The Role of Religion in the Middle East
  • Inter-Arab Relations
Dawn Lake, MA, Lieutenant Colonel

Dawn Lake, MA, Lieutenant Colonel

On Terror’s Trail

  • Dawn has riveting stories to tell about hunting Al Qa’ida and Taliban forces
  • Helping the people of Afghanistan get back on their feet.
  • The plight of Afghani women
Jackie Nink Pflug, MS

Jackie Nink Pflug, MS

Former victim of terrorism in 1985 as she flew from Athens, Greece to Cairo, Egypt

  • My Grateful Journey Back From the Hijacking of Egyptair Flight 648
  • A survivor of a terrorist hijacking, she plants and nurtures a seed of hope with her presentation,
B. Wayne Quist, Colonel, USAF

B. Wayne Quist, Colonel, USAF

On the origins of the ideology of al Qaeda, the protracted global war on terror, and its global impact.

  • Winning the War on Terror: A Triumph of American Values
  • The Triumph of Democracy Over Militant Islamism
  • Buy, Sell & Finance Privately Held Companies: Strategic Financial Partners
Wesley T. Rodgers

Wesley T. Rodgers

Worldwide Espionage - National Security: U.S. role in world security!

  • Patriots of Disguise: Depicts a true timeline; How 911 Happend and Definitely could have been prevented!
  • Terrorism and JiHad losing focus in the world..
  • Re-Emergence of Russia as World Power
Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaefer

Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaefer

Professor of Intelligence and Counterterrorism

  • He explains the forces and events that shape the investment arena and recommends those industries and companies that will benefit most.
  • Certificate in Global Terrorism
Hogan M. Sherrow, Ph.D.

Hogan M. Sherrow, Ph.D.

How we became what we are: Human Evolution

  • The Evolution of Warfare
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Human Populations
  • Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation
Robert G. Williscroft, Ph.D.

Robert G. Williscroft, Ph.D.

Adventure & Science? the Ultimate Marriage

  • The South Pole
  • E-Bomb: The Ultimate Terrorist Weapon
  • It's Global Cooling, not Warming and there's nothing you can do about it!

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