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Alice M. Jacobs, Ed.D., MS

Alice M. Jacobs, Ed.D., MS

Brain Wellness Lifestyle: Exercise your brain with Neurobics

  • Memory Changes With Age
  • Brain exercises for those wishing a more personalized approach
  • Health/Wellness, Brain Exercises
Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

Dr. Khalsa has been honored as a medical pioneer by the integrative medical establishment, the media

  • Pioneer in Alzheimer Prevention
  • Delay the onset of brain aging, and prevent and reverse Alzheimer's.
  • Anesthesiology
Jane L. Mahakian, Ph.D.

Jane L. Mahakian, Ph.D.

Health Care Industry: Corporate presentations on elder care planning, Alzheimer's disease, healthy aging, and validating your loved one with dementia.

  • Health Care Industry: A leading geriatric care management that specializes in working with older adults with dementia.
  • Jane conducts corporate seminars and presentations in eldercare planning, Alzheimer's disease and healthy aging.
Judy McKellar

Judy McKellar

Alzheimer's Caregiving: A Painful and Long Road

  • Motivation/Inspiration: Winners Have an Attitude
  • Alzheimer's Caregiving: A Painful and Long Road
  • Practical Tips for Finding the Best Residential Care for Your Relative
Vicki Mizel

Vicki Mizel

Exploring possibilities of the regeneration of the brain through memory techniques she has coined, Brain Sprouts.

  • Brain Sprouts Memory Training
  • Memory for Actors: The Memory Trainer of the Stars
  • Alzheimer's and their loved ones

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