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Fred Craver, Ph.D.

Fred Craver, Ph.D.

Survivors: surviving sexual abuse, recovering from the aftermath of September 11, anger management for incarcerated people

  • Fred Craver on the difficulty overcoming anger or has gone through a traumatic experience.
  • Overcoming deep-seated emotional wounds.
  • Fred Craver, Ph.D., is a partially sighted person
Jim Hallowes

Jim Hallowes

The Art of Relationships: Tips, Tools & Strategies to not just cope with the trait of high sensitivity, but to excel with it!

  • The Trait of High Sensitivity in the Work Place
  • How to cope with different emotional styles
  • The trait of highly sensitivity causes them to process and reflect upon incoming information very deeply.
S. Leonard Scheff

S. Leonard Scheff

Anger is a destructive emotion, letting go of Anger improves the quality of life.

  • Transforming Anger: The Cow in the Parking Lot.
  • You can, if you choose, reduce the amount of anger in your life
  • The first person damaged by your anger is you.
Steven Stosny, Ph.D.

Steven Stosny, Ph.D.

How to shift the focus from fruitlessattempts at verbal communication to emotional connection

  • Empowerment
  • Couples fight because they inadvertently cause shame and fear in each other
  • How compassionate connection regulates both fear and shame

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