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Steve Altes

Steve Altes

Humorist, rocket scientist: National Medal of Technology

  • Humorous, inspirational talks
  • Corporate Comedy
  • Corporate Communications
Michael S. Ammann

Michael S. Ammann

Internet, online trading, technology, change and the future

  • 4 Steps to Daytrading, Everything You Need to Know About Trading Online.
  • The Convergence of Living, Learning and Working in the New Millennium - Ten Technologies That Will Impact the Way You Live Your Life.
  • How to Use the Internet in Your Daily Life - Networking, Researching & Publishing on the Internet.
Jordan E. Ayan

Jordan E. Ayan

Aha! 10 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas

  • The Web: Innovative use of technology
  • Technology Strategy: Creative thinking
  • Business in the Age of Disruption
Kip Barkley

Kip Barkley

How to get the most from your investment in technology.

  • How to get the most from your investment in technology.
  • Presenting Yourself in Pubic
  • Technology and You
James L. Barnes, Ed.D.

James L. Barnes, Ed.D.

The very latest in Internet Marketing(IM) techniques

  • Knowledge IS power
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO
  • No matter who you choose to develop your web site, make sure you have protection in place.
Avron Barr

Avron Barr

The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence

  • Business: new areas of opportunity and to streamline their successful insertion into the international marketplace
Richard E. Biehl, Ph.D.

Richard E. Biehl, Ph.D.

Help client management understand their role in quality and to enable and foster a quality environment.

  • QUALITY - Client satisfaction determines success
  • MUTUALITY - Client and consultant must benefit.
  • EFFICIENCY - All activities must add value.
Douglas Blank

Douglas Blank

Increase Diversity & Equity - Enhancing Computation & Information Science Learning

  • Developmental Robotics - the idea that a robot (or computer) could develop
  • Emergent Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
James E. Bowen, Ph.D., PMP, CMC

James E. Bowen, Ph.D., PMP, CMC

Start-ups: Understanding beyond business plans

  • Building Hi -Tech Product Companies: The Maelstrom Effect
  • The paradigm shift if useful to a wide audience trying to move from a linear sequential world into a parellel world
  • A new decision-making model helps executives and managers better understand the latest trends that effect high-tech
Gary F. Braley

Gary F. Braley

Gary began the development of a database approach to management.

  • The ability to track multiple simultaneous projects but to handle all the issue lists, client management, equipment maintenance records and anything else that can be entered as a subject line with user definable keywords.
  • Improving Office Operations Through Appropriate Technology
  • The challenge is to see how database technology can be applied to the broad area of management.

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