Keynote Speaker: Mette Norgaard, Ph.D., MBA


Helps individuals and organizations compete in the global economy by engaging people's talent and passion.

Keynote Speaker: Mette Norgaard, Ph.D., MBA

Program Titles

  • Drawing on The Ugly Duckling, one of the best-known stories in the world, Mette Norgaard inspires audiences to take responsibility for their own development and career.
  • Mette Norgaard inspires employees at all levels to co-create a workplace where everyone can give a great performance.
  • You to learn, stretch, and develop professional mastery, all of which will make you more capable and competitive in the global job market.
  • Great leaders have a very distinctive voice, a unique way of engaging others.
  • Helps teams engage in a candid conversation, surface the real issues, and identify the elements that must be preserved and those that must change

Building leadership capacity is one of the most critical success factors for any company – and the higher ambitions and aspirations that you have for the future the more important this becomes. Mette is an incredible help and resource for Microsoft in Western Europe in our efforts in growing and developing our key talents to prepare them for taking bigger and more challenging roles in the future.
We were all in agreement that you were the one that made the whole deal unique. There is a big risk that this will not only benefit Microsoft but also might impact our personal lives. You are a terrific teacher and have the ability to weave magic around you!
I was challenged, stimulated, and ultimately saw many things in a new light.
Her style is powerful yet comfortably easy. She helps individuals reach deep within themselves to extract the key leadership and personal learnings that they need in order to be successful.
Wow! Great!”
“Excellent session!”
“Very eye opening and
“Thanks- I will be calling” “Super!”
“Excellent session! Beautifully delivered. Really neat way to introduce thinking about
serious business issues.” “Thank You, your energy is dynamic and inspiring.”
“Delightful Speaker!”

Books by Mette Norgaard, including:

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