Keynote Speaker: Roy A. Balentine, M.S.


Field of school Safety, Violence and Crisis management.

Keynote Speaker: Roy A. Balentine, M.S.

Program Titles

  • Homeland Security issues
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Working with the media
  • Identification of Warning Signs
  • Technology Assessment and Planning.
  • Threat Assessment: Security Assessments
  • Due Process / Disciplinary Hearings
  • Stop the Violence!
  • Working with the media, Identification of Warning Signs, Threat Assessment

Roy A. Balentine's life-altering event when a student gunman entered the school and killed two of his fellow students, and injured seven others.

That experience, along with the subsequent shootings that have occurred around the nation, has led to his current involvement in the field of school violence and crisis management.

Roy works in the areas of School Safety and Crisis Planning and Management.

He also can provide assistance in grant writing and meeting the requirements of No Child Left Behind.

He is experienced in performing security assessments, and provides for Homeland Security issues, Disaster Recovery, Working with the media, Identification of Warning Signs, Threat Assessment, Due Process / Disciplinary Hearings, Professional Development Services, and Technology Assessment and Planning.

Information needed to increase sensitivity to the far-reaching effects of school violence.

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