Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd


Mental Management for Great Golf: How to Control Your Thoughts & Play Out of Your Mind

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd

Program Titles

  • The Four Keys to Great Golf
  • Never Yip Again
  • Obedience Training for Your Defiant Golf Balls
  • Golfers Top 10 Mental Errors & How to Correct Them
  • How to Control your Thoughts and Play Out of Your Mind & Mental Mastery for Great Golf
  • Sports Psychologist to PGA and LPGA Professionals.
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When you plan an event that includes golf, invite Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd.

You'll get a new, different, entertaining, educational, motivational program that will impact your golf and your life forever.

Using her mental technology, you'll see immediate results and always have the competitive edge.

Who is Dr. Bee?

The best kept secret on tour. Dr. Bee is the mental keys skill coach to some of the worlds best golfers on the PGA, Senior, LPGA, European and mini-tours.

#1 for results. Her clients on the PGA, LPGA, Senior and European tours won over $8 million. Clients on the PGA, Senior and LPGA have had 19 top 10 finishes, including 3 wins, 4 seconds and 5 thirds.

Golfers on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Nationwide tours who used Mind Power Technology had 8 wins, 7 seconds and a total of 44 top 10 finishes.

Developer of Mind Power Technology™: A mental training system guaranteed to do more for your game than any advancement in ball or club technology.

Ph.D Psychology, DCH (Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy), motivational speaker. "My swing coach said I have the mechanics, my problems were mental. After spending an afternoon with Dr. Bee I won my next tournament... my first win in four years."

"It's amazing. My accuracy has increased tenfold. After our session I was focused and consistent. I even tried to hit a bad shot but my mind and body wouldn't let me. I'm very pleased."

"Not only did you help my golf game, I also have more control and calm in other areas of my life."

“I’ve worked with three prominent sport psychologists in the past, you finally gave me what I needed. “

Earned more in the tournament after learning your techniques than the entire first half of the season.

A win and my best year on the Senior Tour.

Who are her clients?

Names on leader-boards on the PGA, LPGA, Senior, European,, Golden Bear, US Challenge and mini-tours.
Winners of amateur tournaments Winners of club championships
Juniors to seniors and golfers who like you just want to have fun.

Books by Bee Epstein-Shepherd, including:

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