John Jenson makes sure professionals present themselves and represent their organizations at the highest possible level.

He has authored seven books and produced three corporate training films to help organizations and their employees develop their message and then articulate that message in a way that gets results.

John works deep into corporations which are both large and small, as well as numerous national associations and non-profits.

His state-of-the-art facility has been a destination for executives and teams from all over the country to come and find the best way to communicate company initiatives and present those ideas in the most effective manner.

John understands that the world’s most successful teams and organizations have one thing in common…clarity.

It’s not about creating a mission statement or slogan. It’s about getting real with who you are, identifying the meaning in what you do and ensuring that you can convey your strengths and values in every situation.

Organizations with a consistent message sell more, build a stronger brand and have more cohesive teams.

John’s most recent project allows him to assist schools in creating a unique identity…a climate and culture that people will attach themselves to.

“As a long time publisher focusing on leadership and management effectiveness, we’ve been privileged to work with John in the creation of three successful programs on his work. John has an engaging and inspiring presentation style. In addition, John brings a unique perspective and insight to how each of us can bring authenticity and focus to making ourselves more successful and making our organizations thrive.”               

“On every crucial presentation I make, I consult with John. He understands how to simplify my message, then coaches me to perform at a level I never wold have dreamed possible.”                                         

“Working with John is unique. He will make you find an authentic connection on the path to success. John’s core strength is keeping your best interests attainable and clearly a focus of your time together. Growth is always a by product of spending time with John.”                                                                                                       

“Over my 26 year administrative career…John is that one guy who ‘dug in’ and got to the core of what really matters in this profession.”                                         

 “If any school was going to embark on a branding process…I would suggest John Jenson be the first call they make. He sees what the rest of us tend to miss.”     

“John is gifted in revealing intent and integrity of message, bringing both into focus. He offers valuable insight that accentuates a person’s style while preserving authenticity. No matter how certain I am of what I want to deliver, John is always able to help me find a stronger way.”

Presence is everything in business. Have it, and you will undoubtedly find yourself climbing over the ones who don’t. For top executives and those who aspire to reach those heights, John offers a program titled “Your Professional Best – How to Present Yourself and Your Organization at the Highest Possible Level.”

Is the way you look consistent with the way you want to be perceived?

Do your mannerisms support or diminish what you’re saying?

Are you using the most meaningful, appropriate and articulate words to convey your company’s message?

Under the lights, in front of the camera, and guided by John, you’ll find the best in yourself and gain techniques you can use to bring out the best in others.